About Ina-Tay

Why, Why Inatay???

In the Bisaya-speaking cities in the Philippines, "inatay" is a word used to denote a dismal situation. Other form of this word is "giatay." Example - gugmang giatay (unrequited love), kinabuhing inatay (hard life). When I became a single mom, I used the word Ina-Tay to describe my status. I tell people "I'm an Ina-Tay." It is the combination of two Filipino words, Inay (mother) and Tatay (father). As such, an Ina-Tay is a person who plays the role of mommy and daddy, talk about multi-tasking!

This blog was my birthday gift to myself, a blog that chronicles my being a solo parent and everything that comes with it. The challenges, practical tips, advices and perhaps about the ex (but only during RARE occassions). I want a blog that will inspire and support the breed of brave souls who chose to raise their children alone. People would often say being a parent is hard but rewarding. When you have a partner then you got someone to share the tasks with. INA-TAYs don't have that luxury but our rewards are also doubled. That is the best part - when people tell me that my daughter looks healthy, happy, intelligent, etc and they know I did it by my lonesome without a partner. I glow with pride and I forget those sleepless nights and the tough juggling act I do on a daily basis. "An Ina-Tay Writes" chronicles my adventures and misadventures, lessons I learned along the way and the anxieties any parent - solo or otherwise - have for their children.This blog is for all of the single moms and dads out there - who although alone, loves their children twice as much!

DISCLAIMER: I intend to be unedited in this blog. All I ask from you my readers is your understanding and I beg you not to give me your pontifications. Read at your own risk as they say. :) Cheers!