1. Hi!

    I am a Mommy blogger and I'd like to ask a few questions to my fellow mommy bloggers.

    I'll be speaking on day 2 of iblog: 9th Philippine Blogging Summit on June 1 and your answer to the questions will be of great help to me for my presentation

    Thank you for helping me by answering these questions.

    The questionnaire should take you less than 5 minutes to complete.
    Any questions or additional comments, please contact me at
    or via twitter: @deliberatelymom

    Here’s the link of the survey questions

    Many thanks for your time.
    Rhodora Espiritu-Valdez

  2. hi Rhodora,

    Thanks for dropping by Ina-Tay's little corner in the blogosphere and for asking me to help you out in your survey.

    Good luck on your upcoming talk. I'm sure you can give mommy bloggers a good voice during the summit. Be blessed! :)

  3. Hi po. I read your post about sir Noy. I am one of his students now. And I just couldn't help but relate.

    I really want to ace his test too. HAHA I hope I can be like you. :)

    Thank you so much for writing about it!