Friday, February 18, 2011

Repost: Prayer for Single Moms

This is a prayer for single moms I found on the net. Blame it on my C-Section I forgot which website it was. All I know though that after I downloaded and printed this prayer, I kept it on my bedside and I read this after tucking Leia to bed. I hope solo parents out there can draw the necessary strength and courage to become the best parent our little ones deserve. Feel free to copy and print. :)

My God, I have such a wonderful child, a most precious gift I do not deserve. My heart melts into joy each time she looks at me, each time she calls me “Mommy“. She would embrace me and kiss me and all my troubles will disappear in a moment. Nothing else matters except her laughter and the brightness of her eyes.

You know I would give her everything. I would give her the world if I can only do it. Gladly would I sacrifice everything for her, even my own life if need be so. She brought me hope, she gave my life direction and a meaning I’ve never known before. Surely Lord, you have saved me through this child. Through her you have made known to me how much you love me. But I am not worthy O God. I feel so incapable of taking care of your most beautiful gift to me. For what can I possibly give this child? My failures? My brokenness? My shameful past? What can I teach this child? How can I mould her into the person she was meant to be? What shall a single mom like me pray?

Yet you gave her to me, you’ve brought her unto my cold and shaking hands. Surely you must know my weaknesses, yet you must have also known I would call upon you to help me and to provide for the things I cannot do. Help me O God. Heal me of my wounds so I may not pass on to her my bitterness. Heal me of my insecurities that I may teach her how to have confidence on herself. Blot out my sins that she may not be cursed for mistakes she wasn’t even aware of, and so that she can have a wonderful future ahead of her. Fill my heart with love even if I’m all alone. For how can I possibly give away that which I do not have? It is not easy indeed to be a single mom. Grant me wisdom. Grant me strength to face a harsh world so I can provide for her and give her everything she needs. Say unto me Lord that I am not alone for you will be my Husband, and you yourself will be her Father. This child is blessed, this I know, and I thank you for all that you have ever done and all that you have in store for us from your boundless mercy and unceasing love.

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