Saturday, October 1, 2011

A Week's Worth of Musings

Hello to all of you amazing people who read my blogs! :) I'm back again from a week of work and new learnings. I've been itching to write a blog post this week but the wifi in my hotel room was not working. I thought the problem was the HP ProBook 6450 issued to me by the company but after I went down to the front desk and complained (in my pajamas!), I discovered that other guests also weren't able to connect to their wifi. Attention Sun City Suites in GenSan! I suggest getting an IT person to check your connection, restarting your router obviously is not the solution!

Anyways, my week has been pretty hectic given that I'm still learning the ropes and deepening my knowledge of the firm. This one year contract has so far brought me to places some I've never even heard of. My colleagues also helped me so much and I thank them for shedding light to all my questions. From my former turned current boss D'Arcy - asking is not a sign of weakness; rather it is an indication of your willingness to learn.

The first few days and weeks in a new job is a pretty daunting experience regardless of your position or rank. As a newbie, I have to learn as fast and as much as I can. You may be very good in your craft but unless you have a full grasp of the company structure and vision, I don't think you would get very far. I also have to be acquainted and establish a good working relationship with the people I work it; if your job is confined to a cubicle and you think you only have to be familiar with your desktop or laptop - good luck. You also have to exude an air of confidence balanced with a fair amount of humbleness to earn the trust of your new colleagues. Remember you are the green horn so much of the effort should come from you.

Aside from the demands of the new job, I also have to grapple with my emotions especially that I'm now a single mum. I often find myself thinking and missing my daughter, wishing that she will be there to kiss me after a hard day's work. But Leia is approximately 180 kilometers away from me. I'm learning to be strong and remain focused on the job despite the tugs of a mother's heart. I also miss cooking. Sure, it's nice to dine out two or three times a week but after having enough of baby back ribs, steamed grouper, chili lobster and prawns, you would really crave for the good old comfort food at home. I'm not complaining at all but at times my mind kind of wonders and wanders what they are having for dinner in Davao.

These have been two weeks of me, your Ina-Tay and her new work, her new city and her new challenges. And I'd like to believe I'm slowly getting there...

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  1. hehe i like the title of your blog. thanks sa visit sa akong blog mommy