Saturday, February 16, 2013

Why it rocks to have a guy BFF

To celebrate 20 something years (and counting) of friendship with my best friend Anthony, I find it fitting to blog about him. Not only do I owe him a lot for saving my sanity during those times when I felt I was on the brink of going bananas but also for the love and support he has given me unquestioningly especially when I used to use him as an alibi every time I go out at night. hehehe Mom eventually found out and since then, she would make sure she's at a hearing distance when Anthony and I talk.
20 years of amazing friendship and counting - thanks for putting up with me!
I have been proud to say my best friend is a guy - a straight, testosterone-fuelled guy, since I was in Grade 5. We grew up in the same neighborhood and the weird thing is that he has the same nickname as my brother and I have the same name as his younger sister. See Best, we're destined to be friends and you're stuck with me until you grow wrinkled and gray and I'm still fabulous at 60! Kidding aside, I know you have to put up with a lot of s**t with me so this blog post is one way of showing you how much I appreciate your friendship all these years. Sniff, sniff...

Why does it rock to have a guy for a best friend? Lemme count the ways.

Everything - In Your Face
Unlike women, men hate drama and prefer to keep everything straight, no frills and no beating around the bush. They say it as they mean it, no sugar coating or softening the blow. When you are good friends (take note, good friends not friends with benefits) with a he, they are actually very honest to a fault, especially in telling you that no, you're diet isn't working or the new do does not look good on you.

Having a male best friend also significantly lessens the probability of squealing and rumors spreading. It is not in their nature to talk behind your back, the proverbial Pandora's box will never be opened. They may not recite a secrecy code but rest assured that your secrets are safe with a man than with a woman.

A Low Down on the Male Psyche
If you're unsure of the new guy you are seeing, running to your male best friend is the best prevention for advice and clarification. He is your guru on everything going through the male psyche. What his "it's not you, it's me" line mean, he can dissect it all for you if you are brave enough to listen and not defend your prospect. It will save your heart from further damage and spare your from many sleepless nights due to stress over this cute but kinda sleazy hottie. From Anthony, I learned that men actually classify us girls - for fun or for keeps which will guide you if the cutie who sends you text messages telling you he finds you very sexy is serious or you're just for entertainment purposes.  

In turn I shed light to his questions about the many facets of a woman like how we want attention but we don't say it upfront, that the time a girl spends texting you is directly proportional to how much she likes you and so on and so forth. Guys don't get emotional talking with their male friends, that's a crime. We lasted this long because we have a mutually beneficial relationship of spilling the secrets to de-mystify our respective gender!

Kiss and Make-up
No, don't take it literally please. No friendship is fool proof and no best friend - whichever gender, is perfect. There will be times when you will argue or fight or disagree with each other.  With a guy BFF, patching things is easier because they don't hold grudges. Once a disagreement is settled then it's time to move on. They don't mope or announce it on FB; they don't subject you to emotional torture by giving you the silent treatment.
Absence is Non-Issue
Anthony and I take pride with the fact that while we are best friends, we have other set of friends, we have other relationships and other things we need to attend to. Although we live a few houses away, we don't see each other like every day. Last August, he found himself a nice girl so it is understandable that they spend a lot of time together and nurture their relationship. I don't call when they're on a date and  I try not to text unless it is a matter of life and death. I don't compete with Cha for the simple reason that she is the girlfriend and I'm just the best friend. Cha also is cool that Anthony has a girl BFF and I appreciate her maturity not to be jealous of me.
For all its worth, having a bosom friend of the opposite sex sure has a lot of advantages than disadvantages, believe me. Despite his cold exterior (read: suplado), Anthony is one person I will be keeping in my Christmas list despite the fact that I'm not on his. It's okay, for as long as Leia gets her mandatory gift from you every Christmas. I don't mind being friend-zoned because it actually rocks best!

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