Thursday, June 27, 2013

An Appeal for BREAST MILK!

This is from I am re-posting this in my blog to help call out support for a 29-weeks premature baby at San Pedro Hospital. Your BREAST MILK CAN HELP SAVE THIS BABY'S LIFE!

Read on:

Today, Nyck and I came across a post on Facebook that took us back to the day I gave birth to our first born. The mother died during childbirth. It is heartbreaking. The post was from a doctor of San Pedro hospital trying to reach out to nursing moms in Davao City for breast milk donation. The baby is currently fighting for her life born 29 weeks and weighed 700 g. In the photo, she looks very fragile. As parents, the story broke our hearts into pieces and the photo brings back challenging times when we fought the same battle. Our preemie was 32 weeks old then. We were fortunate to survive the terrible battle for life. Our daughter is turning 3 next month, praise the Lord. Everyday is still a struggle, but we take one day at a time. So, we can only pray that Jesse Gallardo, baby Rhory’s father, draws enough strength to win over every difficulty in this journey.
Rhory Mae, that is her name after her mom, remains in the incubator. The ICU expenses at San Pedro costs Php22,000.00 daily. The family needs a dose of generosity. More importantly, the baby needs to feed on breast milk. Mommies in Davao who are breast feeding especially infants 6 months and below are encouraged to drop by San Pedro hospital’s NICU at the second floor to donate milk even an ounce or two that will be frozen for her supply. Thanks to these Dabawenya Mommies who were quick to respond to the call and generously pumped milk for baby Rhory. Rhory needs continues supply of milk that hopefully moms in Davao can help supply.
We later learned that Rhory’s mom, Rhory Salvador Gallardo, was working as a secretary at Dr. Karen Alabado’s clinic. In the parting message by Dr. Alabado, she wrote on her wall:
“I will miss you, Rhory Salvador Gallardo. We started my professional journey together. Some lose their secretaries because they stole or they sought greener pastures but you have been loyal and trustworthy and I have lost you too soon, beyond anyone’s earthly reach. You’ve seen me through my ups and downs and I have been with you through yours. You gave up your studies to help your siblings finish theirs, and were your family’s staunchest defender. But my loss is nothing compared to the loved ones you’ve left behind – Jesse your beloved husband, your siblings Kat, JP and April and your parents. And three, now four little ones who will be missing their mommy the most. Rest in peace my dear Rhory.” — Dra. Abalado.
This mom left four little kids to her loving husband. So, we pledged to help this father, Jesse Gallardo, in small ways that we can. This post hopes to reach generous people with loving hearts who can share their blessings in cash or in kind. Baby Rhory needs clothings, diaper, and cash to pay for her hospital bills and the medicines she needs as she fights for the life her mom lovingly gave her even if it meant giving up hers. You can help and give this baby a chance at life by any of the following ways:
1. In kind donation — you can donate clothes, diaper and all other baby stuff. You can contactDr. Karen Alabado
2. In cash — you can donate any amount. Please contact Jesse Gallardo directly.
3. Breastmilk — you can donate breast milk. You can pump b-milk from home (please make sure bm container is sterilized)  or at the hospital: San Pedro Hospital NICU, 2nd Floor.
4. Share the story — you can help us spread the story until it reaches generous people who can help baby Rhory. Share this on Facebook, Twitter, Blog and all other social networks; tell your friends to do the same. We can make this story go viral.
At this time, Nyck  and I am preparing some clothes for baby Rhory and sorting other items that her dad might find useful. I will be posting once we have our share delivered. :)
I hope this baby’s story touched you in some way and join the community to help this little angel.

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  1. Hi I came across your post on FB and have shared this post myself but you can also reach out to La Leche League Philippines.