Sunday, October 6, 2013

Ina-Tay Recommends: SM Science Discovery Center

Childhood is one of the best moments in a person's life. It is the time where the most meaningful memories are created both in the mind and heart. Memories that serve as a foundation that shape the persons children grow up to be. Coupled with proper guidance and education, these memories become the values and stir their imagination that gear them to succeed in the future.

Along with some members of the Davao Bloggers Society, your Ina-Tay and the heir to her stilettos Leia, were invited to the launching of the newest attraction at SM Lanang Premier - the SM Science Discovery Center. After six years of bringing the fun in science to the families and students in Luzon, this out-of-this world attraction has finally set foot in Mindanao!

Edu-tainment: Education and entertainment at SM Science Discovery Center

The SM Science Discovery Center features ten interactive galleries that allow students to learn about Geology, Biology, the Climate, the Human Body, Energy and Transportation, Technology and Engineering, and the future in the most enjoyable and entertaining way. Since its launch in 2007, the country's first interactive science center has always been in the forefront of edu-tainment (education plus entertainment). They are firm believers that meaningful experiences and learning occurs when one provides children with an enjoyable atmosphere in an encouraging and interactive environment.
Ribbon cutting ceremony with Davao City and SM officials
Science Discovery Center mascots entertained guests in a dance number
I like that the galleries can be touched and played with because from my almost six years experience with the BEAM Project, I became a believer of the Constructivist teaching approach. The more the learners are involved in a process of meaning and knowledge construction, the more they learn and understand the concepts compared to passively receiving information - like how things were in my time. Anyway, constructivist teaching foster critical thinking and creates motivated and independent learners.

Here are some photos of Leia exploring the different galleries at the SM Science Discovery Center:

Galleries on electricity, the human body, transportation and geology
In the heart of the 2,000 square meter science center is the 80-seater full dome Digital Planetarium powered by the world's most sophisticated and advanced planetarium projector system, the Digistar 5. The bloggers made a beeline to watch the film about planet Mars and even for me who's way past her childhood - the experience was jaw-dropping! It felt so real that Leia asked me if the "spaceship" was already flying. After the film she told me that we have to go out because we have already landed. Not only did Leia learned about Mars and the long history of its exploration but Mama also fed the geek in her. In fact I can spend an entire day inside this planetarium with popcorn and soda in tow!

Two of the fascinating 3D images from the Invaders of Mars film shown at the Planetarium:

"We are very proud to finally announce the grand opening of the newest and most exciting attraction to open in the south. This is inline with SM's dedication to spread world-class "edu-tainment" for families not only in Davao but the whole of Mindanao. We are excited to be part of this community," shared Arturo Carballo, Jr., SM Science Discovery Center's Senior Operations Manager.

Entrance fee is Php 250.00 good for all-day gallery pass and one planetarium show; additional Php 150.00 for extra planetarium show. The Science Discovery Center will formally be open to the public this Saturday, October 5, 2013. It is located at the Third Level of SM Lanang Premier (take the cinema entrance then turn right to the bowling center then take the escalator). You may call 2854428 for inquiries.

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