Saturday, February 12, 2011

Leia: My Answered Prayer

I became pregnant with Leia two months before I turned 29. Yes, I had her late probably because I enjoyed work and I was having the time of my life. I had a good paying job for a foreign-funded project and made lots of friends. I won’t be talking about the X here so I won’t have to use expletives.

Way before that, my endocrinologist kept reminding me that if I plan to have children I should have an early start – ideally around 24 or 25. You see I have hyperthyroidism – a condition wherein the thryroid glands (located in the throat) produces more hormones than normal. One of the side-effects he explained is that the extra hormones affects my reproductive system, making it difficult for women with hyperthyroidism to get pregnant or if they do, there is always the risk of miscarriage. I shrugged it off knowing that if God wants me to be a mother, He will open my womb no matter what the doctor says. But his warning stayed in my subconscious and whenever the thought crosses my mind, I utter a prayer claiming for a child.

Then it happened. Like clockwork, my period comes every 28 days, no fail. When it was delayed, I was already worried (I’m not married). I bought three different brands of pregnancy test kits just to be sure and all of them gave the same result – POSITIVE. I beg you to let me omit the succeeding events because I’m not yet ready to talk about the X. Thank you.

Of course I cried myself to sleep for many nights, wondering how I will raise my unborn child. My mom refused to talk to me for a few days and dad cried when I told him the truth. But things changed one day when I felt mom get inside my room and laid hands on my tummy. She was praying over my baby! Dad regularly calls to check on me and my brother was so patient answering my calls. I was blessed to have a very understanding and supportive family. The four of us plus my relatives and a few very close friends went through my pregnancy together.

I promised that I will name my baby in honor of my mom, dad and brother even before I knew the gender. On my fifth month, I had the gender determination scan and I found out I was having a little girl. I played with a lot of names until I came up with Leia Antoinette. Leia after my mom’s nickname Lai; Antoinette after Antonio (dad) and Anthony my brother.  Leia was also the female lead characted in George Lucas' Starwars, played by Carrie Fisher (yes, the love interest of Hans Solo with ensaymada on each side of her head!). If I had a boy I would name him Jedi.

Leia is a gift, an answered prayer despite the events surrounding her conception and birth. Friends say she is my Mini-Me, the heir to my throne and stilletos. She is now my family's apple of the eye, a source of many laughs. My prayer is that as she grows, she will feel loved and wanted.

And Mama will never get tired of telling her she is my miracle, she defied Science and she saved me.


  1. Leia I like the name...pretty! :)Just curious...did she test positive for Congenital Hypo in the Newborn Screen? I was Hypothyroid when I got pregnant and unfortunately my son got it too :(

  2. Hi Raine,

    You looked happy as a mommy! Leia's Newborn Screening was all negative, I had the same worry too she might get my HyperThy. The doctor said to continuously monitor her TSH, T3 and T4 coz it might develop later. By the way, this is Lany aka DramaQueen aka former Fortune neighbor. hehehe Godbless you and your family!

  3. Bag-o lang nako bitaw narealize na ikaw na hahaha uy we should meet up one of these days! I still have to return your book. Kamusta?