Friday, February 11, 2011

Why, Why Inatay???

I figured that my other blog Barefoot Concessions is too "intelectual" and I have a limited range of topics to blog about. Two nights ago while waiting for my little one to fall into deep sleep, I had the urge to create another blog -  this time it will be about my being a solo parent and everything that comes with it. The challenges, practical tips, advices and perhaps about the ex (but only during RARE occassions). I want a blog that will inspire and support the breed of brave souls who chose to raise their children alone.

When people ask me if I'm married, my default answer is "I'm an INATAY". "Inatay" is a slang used in the southern part of the Philippines, usually to conote a dismal situation like Gugmang Inatay (or Giatay) and Kinabuhing Inatay. But my INATAY is a combination of two Filipino words - Inay (mother) and Itay (father). Therefore, INATAY is a person playing both the role of a mother and father - a solo parent.

People would often say being a parent is hard but rewarding. When you have a partner then you got someone to share the tasks with. INATAYs don't have that luxury but our rewards are also doubled. That is the best part - when people tell me that Leia looks healthy, happy, intelligent, etc and they know I'm not married. I glow with pride and I forget those sleepless nights and the tough juggling act I do on a daily basis. "An Inatay Writes" chronicles my adventures and misadventures, lessons I learned along the way and the anxieties any parent - solo or otherwise - have for their children.

I intend to be unedited in this blog. All I ask from you my readers is your understanding and I beg you not to pass judgment because of my situation. This blog is for all of the single moms and dads - who although alone, loves their children twice as much!

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