Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Kadayawan Festival 2011 Pamulak winners

Hello everyone! Davao City was again in a festive mood as the city celebrated it 26th Kadayawan Festival. Among the highlights of the celebration were the floral float parade (pamulak sa kadalanan) and street dancing (indak-indak sa kadalanan). Big thanks to Philip Lomada for letting me use his photos. :)


1st place - Abreeza Mall - the newest mall in Davao, owned by Ayala Land bagged the top award for their float depicting a lumad woman.

2nd place - Kisan Lu Realty - if I were one of the judges, I would choose this float as the champion. As you know, I'm a breastfeeding advocate and the theme Kisan Lu chose really speaks a thousand words. The realty company (one of the pioneer developers in Davao City) also won last year. Thank you for incorporating a very relevant and timely social message!

3rd place - Concentrix

1st place - Barangay Sasa
2nd place - Klata tribe
3rd place - Rene Jeroes float

Other photos will be uploaded soon, I'm still waiting for the approval of other photographers to use their photos. Thank you for your patience dear readers.

Until the next Kadayawan!

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