Saturday, March 9, 2013

An open letter to a new blogger

"ate lany, lookie! I have a blog na din! role model man gud tika  good example. HAHA. pero bitaw ui, it's to pass the time, and to help me improve sa akong pagsulat... nagbutang ko ug link sa imong blog didto sa akong blogroll :))"

This was a message I received a few minutes ago from my cousin Karla or Mae-mae as we fondly call her. Immediately I started crying because I was so overwhelmed that I inspired her to make her own blog. She even called me her role model. *tears* Oh Mae...

Mae is the eldest child of my mom's youngest sister, Auntie Binky. She comes from a family of medical professionals, both her parents are doctors. She's about to enter medical school after a one-year hiatus. In 2011, she graduated Cum Laude from UP Diliman with a degree in Biology. She went to Philippine Science High School. I beg your indulgence in saying that beauty and brains run in our family. hehehe Mae is awaiting the result of her entrance interview from UP College of Medicine and other schools that she sent her application to. 
Beauty and brains and future MD and now - blogger!!!
Here's my response to you our dear Mae (while I'm trying to wipe off my tears)...

Dearest Mae,

I am crying while writing this post. You are the culprit! Your message definitely made my day and the overwhelming feeling you gave me would probably last a few more days. I don't know what to say but I will try...

I know that you know how proud we all are of you and your achievements so far. Graduating with honors from UP with a degree that requires a lot of brain cells to work is indeed a feat. I don't know if I told you that you made one of my frustrations into a reality - that my parents didn't allow me to go to UP even after passing a quota course in UP Diliman. But it's water under the bridge now, things still panned out well for me so no use in dwelling on things which were not meant to be.

When I got pregnant, do you remember that visit where I had you and Ken (Mae's younger sister)  sit and I told you the truth about my situation? I came clean because I didn't want you girls to commit the same mistakes I did. I was also scared that you would lose your respect for me because I was supposed to be the oldest cousin here in Davao and I'm supposed to be a good example. But despite your age, I felt your love and support and care for me and Leia. I purposely chose you two girls to be among her ninangs because you played a special part while I was conceiving the heir to my stilettos. You are intelligent, God-fearing and wise young women and I hope that Leia gets to inherit that from you.

I admire your transformation - from being the Mae in high school (I won't elaborate), to the Mae who has just given birth to her blog. You have become more beautiful and mature and I especially applaud you for your courage to tell your Papa you want some time off after graduating from college. I wouldn't have had the guts to do that. At your age, you know what's good for you and was not afraid to take a stand. I'm sure a lot of your friends take their inspiration from you. 

Thank you that you allowed me to inspire you to write your own blog. I hope that you will achieve the purpose of this exercise and give you some respite from the pressures of medschool. I promise to support you and will always be there for you and will always be proud that we come from the same lineage. You are one tough cookie. I love you Kala May Sadu!

Ate  Lany

Guys, please take some time to visit Mae's corner in the blogosphere - Thank you soooo much!!!

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  1. Ate Lany, Thank you! :')

    Love you ate lany! I'm so blessed to have a cousin like you! I want to visit soon to see leia while she's still young. I would not want to be an absentee ninang ;)