Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Where art thou Wisely?

I looked for Wisely yesterday on my ballot - such person did not exist. While watching the election coverage on TV Wisely was nowhere to be found. I was looking for Wisely and my search was in vain.

Image from inquirer.net
Pinoys trooped to their election precincts yesterday to cast their votes for the midterm elections. In tow was their right of suffrage and the hope that the names they would choose will be synonymous to a better life, that the candidates who promised to them the moon and the stars while campaigning will not develop selective amnesia after winning.

While waiting in line I wanted to tell Manang to vote wisely but she seemed busy writing something on her small notebook and I shied away. So each Juan and Juana carefully shaded the circles next to the names of their bets. Thankfully, the markers still hasn't run out of ink. Check. Next was to "feed" the ballots into the PCOS, lucky for those precincts that had working machines. My ballot was accepted only after the third try. Whew! Perhaps because I did not complete my list of district councilors and senators. I simply ran out of options.

Last night I was glued to watching the canvassing on TV. There was a sinking feeling while the numbers were climbing and some of those that I will never vote for even if my life depended on it slowly making it to the single digit ranking. While pundits and experts gave their analysis, I was scratching and shaking my head in disbelief and frustration. Clearly, we Filipinos still lack foresight. The few hundred pesos a candidate willingly pays in exchange for that one vote will be no more in no time. But that politico will stay in power for three years and work day and night to get their returns of investment. We are a very forgiving people, we easily forget what this and that candidate did in the past. To the tune of Gangnam, our mind and political resolve sway and the slate is wiped clean. We still go for the familiar names despite our clamor against political dynasties. We vote for people even if they have not lifted a single finger for the good of the common Pinoy. 

I'm typing away to finish this blog post while the TV anchor recites the million votes some undeserving politicians received from us, gullible electorate. For now, it's all wait and see.

I have been looking for Wisely since I was old enough to vote. And I have always been in vain.

When will we ever learn?


  1. Yes, evidently, Filipinos still have a lot to learn when it comes to elections. It comes as no surprise that actors have once again conquered politics

    1. Hi Pepper!

      Thank you for dropping by again fellow fabulous mom! Yes, when will we ever learn? I hope children today will grow up to become wiser and more perceptive voters. And maybe, wisely gets to be elected - finally! :)