Sunday, June 16, 2013

A Letter for Tony

Dear Dad,

This is my mandatory blog post for you on Fathers' Day. I know you will not understand what a blog post is so let's reserve it for another time. But allow me to get sentimental with this letter and tell you things which I'd like to believe you already know - only this time the rest of the blogosphere is reading. Again, I'll explain what that word means when you're feeling techie.

Dad and Ina-Tay on her 33rd birthday
Let me start off by asking for your forgiveness for falling short with a lot of your expectations from your eldest. For starters, I never wanted to become a doctor because I have this extreme case of frog-yphobia and this means I probably won't survive premed. I'm sorry that on my way to my third year in accountancy, I decided against your will to shift to masscomm. I still remember how you told me that it will not make me rich but your father's heart allowed me to follow my passion nevertheless. I know it must have been disappointing for you and mom not to see me go up the stage to receive my diploma because I still had one subject to finish on my final semester. Despite that I saw how proud you were when I graduated sans the anticipated graduation rites. You told me then that the true test of the pudding is in the eating.

Dad forgive me for breaking your heart when I told you and Mum and Ton-ton that I was pregnant with Leia out of wedlock. It was the first time that I saw you cry. Seeing you in that state erased my fear only to be replaced by shame and guilt. No Dad, it was not your fault. I was old enough then at 28 to make decisions, unfortunately I made some bad choices. After the initial shock, you and Mum stepped on to the plate and encouraged me the entire nine months of the pregnancy. Having you around gave me strength to move on and refuse to wallow in self pity. Truly, you both are the wind beneath my wings. I saw how you doted on Leia hence I made sure she has "Antoinette" as her second name as a way of giving tribute for the very important role you have played and will play in my daughter's life. 

Him who spoils her
There are very few people I know who still exchanges "I love yous" with their parents. You are an exemption. At the end of each phone call, you still tell me those three words - except when we argue. Now that I'm 33, I appreciate that you look at me as a professional and not as the little girl you would buy tetra pack juices for. Every time you ask for my opinion on matters, my confidence gets a boost because having someone of your stature come to me for advice is a feat. 

Daddy's girls - the past and the present
I'll end this letter by saying that I got to be where I am now because you and Mum first believed in me. Your presence and support in all the competitions I entered - win or lose was more than enough. You never fail to tell me how proud you are to have me for a daughter. Thank you for being on my team, for cheering me on and for telling me I will always be the apple of your eyes - until Leia came and replaced me. And by the way, I know we have already argued about this but can you try not to spoil Leia too much, please?

I love you Dad... always.

Your not-so little girl,

I haven't given up on finding The One. This is the song that will be played on our father and daughter dance come the time you will give me away to that man the Lord preserved for me. We still have a lot of time to practice. :)

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