Tuesday, June 11, 2013

I Want to be a Maricar

I just finished watching on YouTube the video of Richard Poon and Maricar Reyes' wedding held last Sunday. It was touching, my eyes were welling up and I can't help but utter a silent prayer - Lord, in Your faithfulness and love, please let me be  a Maricar.

We all know who Maricar Reyes is. Who hasn't heard of that video scandal way back in 2008 that involved Hayden Kho and a string of women who never had the slightest inkling that they were being video taped? Maricar was one of those. In the midst of the media frenzy, she took a different road from Katrina Halili and kept silent. She showed dignity and strength and was rewarded with a flourishing showbiz career after that dark episode. I instantly became a fan.

Dubbed as "secret", the couple's wedding based on the video was somewhat low-key and intimate. A departure from most showbiz weddings. I liked it that they made their own vows. When it was time for them to kiss, the bride candidly wiped her lips clean before her husband, crooner Richard kissed her. It was actually their FIRST KISS! Aawwww... tissue please! 

Of course, to be Maricar Reyes is wishful thinking. Her pretty face and slim physique is every girl's dream but my prayer to be her comes from the fact that she has found the man of her dreams - inspite of everything that happened. I want to be her and be the answer  to a man's fervent prayer for a life partner. I want to be her and be respected and cherished even though I have made bad decisions in the past. I want to be Maricar and be honored so much that someone will only kiss me on that big day even if half the country may have seen me get betrayed and toyed with by another man's twisted machismo. I want to be like her and be accepted for my past and be that favor from the Lord.

In preparation for that, I have began the purging process in my life. I am re-embracing what I have taken for granted for a long time. The passions which I let go just to make some people feel good about themselves, well, I'm resurrecting that. I will only welcome people who will make me feel that I am worth a lot, someone who will not feel weak just because I am strong and can hold my own. I will not second-guess myself, this time I will trust my instincts. "You can set your standards high, and trust that God will give you that standard," Maricar said in an interview.

I want to be a Maricar and be found by a Richard who will make me forget all the Haydens.

Yes, there is still hope for a happy ever after.


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  2. Hello! :-)

    I have googling for fellow single mommy bloggers and found your blog.

    This post caught my attention because I want to be Maricar, too! :D

    Met Richard Poon in person before pre-Maricar days pa niya. Sayang hindi umobra gayuma ko sa kanya. Hehehe

    I have bookmarked your page.

    So expect me to be lurking around.

    Cheers! ;-)