Saturday, October 8, 2011

My Latest Win - L'Oreal Total Repair

I must have done a lot of good lately because a lot of good things have come upon your Ina-Tay. Santa's helper this time around was Ro-Ann and her All The Vanity Blog! Yes, I won a blog giveaway again, a week after my first.Talk about being blessed! That's two in a row!
Win number 2 for Ina-Tay!
I shared about All The Vanity's giveaway here so don't you accuse me of being selfish! :) hehehe The mechanics as I've said were simple. I wanted to win the L'Oreal Total Repair set of Night Essence, Repairing Treatment and Conditioner because my stresses were making my tresses stressed - geez, that sounded like a good tongue-twister! Anyways, I said a prayer before posting my entry comment on Ro-Ann's blog post. Amazingly, I must have a line to heaven because three days later I received an email from her congratulating me for being the winner of the L'Oreal Total Repair stash plus a sample jar of Asian Secrets!!! I was totally floored and screamed; Mum had to check what happened to me. I showed her the email and the picture of the goodies coming soon.

The package was delivered when I was at work in GenSan City so when I got home last night I excitedly opened thecourier pouch and touched and smelled my L'Oreal babies. By the way, I did my grocery shopping and was shocked to find out that the Night Essence retails for 350 pesos! This means that my prizes could easily total to more than 700 pesos worth!!! Thank you All The Vanity for giving me huge savings!

Winning is definitely addicting, whatever the prize is. But lucky me, I have won really fabulous ones.

Really, the BEST things in life are FREE!


  1. Hello Lany!

    I'm very glad you liked your prize. Enjoy using them! Tee-hee! Let me know when you made a review about them. ;-)

  2. Hi Roanne!

    Thanks to my fabulous win from your giveaway - was pleasantly surprised because I thought I'll only get the sample sizes. They smell divine! I'm actually having a haircut later then use the products. Not much of an excitement noh??? hehehe I'll definitely let you know once my review is done. God bles you!