Monday, October 17, 2011

On Packing

It's pst midnight and the closest thing to packing that I've done was to take out the trolley.

Yes, I'll be travelling again from the land of promise to Manny Pacquiao's birthplace. This is my 5th week in my new work which is based in GenSan but I'm just too lazy to pack tonight. Chances are I'll be cramming after posting this. :) My bad!

It'll be another week for me away from my daughter and another five days of no blogging. Well, we have to sink or swim. I reckon, I'm still blessed to have a job that makes use of the college degree. I'm in a far better position than those who have to leave the country to work.

Have a good week my dear readers, let's remember that a lot of people out there would kill just to have a job.

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