Sunday, March 25, 2012

I'm back - I hope...

I am shamed...

Blogging after what seemed like forever feels like meeting an ex that you just disappeared on - you don't know what to say despite the fact that your brain goes 150kph and your freshly manicured nails could hardly keep up with your thoughts. I want to explain, I want to tell you all that there were times when I would feel bad reading the events in the Davao Bloggers FB page because I should have been there, because it would have been fun, because I am Ina-Tay, because I am a blogger.

I'm going ahead of myself here, sorry. You see in September last year, I joined a private mining firm which meant I have to be in GenSan five days a week then go home to Davao on weekends. For a while it was manageable. Never mind the three-hour travel in a comfortable airconditioned bus. But few months later and I've had my feet wet, there are times when the weekend is sandwiched between a previously very busy week and an even busier next week. I don't have a choice but to spend weekends in GSC which I have come to appreciate for what it is (read: no liquor and smoking ban!). But I still talk regularly to Leia over the phone especially when my Ina-Tay heart reaches rock-bottom because I miss the heir to my stilletos and because of guilt that I work far away from her. I have gotten sick and Mum thinks this is partly caused by my emotional agony of missing my daughter.

Now back to my being a blogger - given that it's crunch time in the company, the only time I get to open my laptop is when I'm working. I don't even have time to update my FB account let alone download the gazillon photos that were taken last year. A joke has been running around the team that if photos were taken in my camera expect it to be uploaded the following month - of the following year! hehehe Good thing I don't really take myself seriously except when my professional credibility is at stake so I don't take offense. But you do get the picture right?

I have not been exercising (does going around the office compound at 100kph while in high heels count???) and my chakras are so badly misaligned that's why maybe I've been sick lately. So I embraced these changes in my life, had to make sacrifices and gave up some things in my life - including blogging. I have finally come of age. I now do my own laundry, cleaning and other comforts that home offered. Now that the subject is brought up, I have to pause and iron my clothes... in stilettos at that! :)

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  1. miss your posts.hope all goes well with your new job and new chores...good luck with the ironing hehehe