Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I know I should have eaten more apples!

I came across this funny photo a couple weeks back in my Ob-Gyne's FB account (hi fabulous Doc Mimat Fuentes!).

Now I'm not a doctor okay? It was my dad's frustration. Reading the list was an eye opener for me - it made me realize that three years after the tumultous and life changing events of my life courtesy of a doctor, I can now just laugh it off. In fact, I have shared this in my FB wall. Looking at the list sure brought back memories, minus the drama and gut-wrenching, cuss-inducing animosity I used to have for him. It sure is true when they said no pain lasts forever. My bestfriend told me when I was going through the healing process that one day, I will look back and can joke about it. You're right best, this is it huh?

I beg your indulgence to let me keep his identity a secret (well, not to those who know the story). I'm not doing it for him but for my daughter. Despite what had happened, I owe it to Leia to afford her father even an ounce of respect. It was a good year and a half before everything crashed. Come to think of it, I would not have the gift that Leia is if not for the doctor. People often tell me Leia seems to be far more intelligent and smart compared to an average three-year old. Before I would claim all the credit for myself. Now, I am totally healed to accept and I can't believe this is coming from me - thankful - that half of her is him.

Just a word of advice though, stick with the apples - it keeps doctors away! hahaha

So just for laughs and the good memories, here are 20 reasons why you should date a doctor :)

Photo from Medical Humor

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