Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My blog, my life

Tonight I was on a frenzy inviting my FB friends to like my blog. The blogging bug has successfully bit me again. Before clicking the "LIKE" button, I think it is only but fair that you get to know what you're getting yourself into (or not)!

Yours truly and the reason for my existence
An Ina-Tay Writes is my personal blog which I started in 2009 when I gave birth and my life as a single parent began. This blog is an off-shoot of the now dead Memoirs of an Urban Drama Queen and I decided on an image overhaul. Gone was the "I-live-for-the-moment" working girl to usher in my new role as a parent. Ina-Tay is a word play of two Filipino words - Inay (mother) and Itay (father). As a single parent, I play both roles 24/7. My auto reply when people ask about my civil status is "I am an Ina-Tay"! Ina-Tay is also referred to as "package deal" or "buy one, take one". Call it however you like it but it does not change the fact that no, I am not married but yes, I have a kid.
For the longest time, Ina-Tay Writes has become my refuge and sounding board. My companion during too many nights when I crave for solace to pour out my innermost feelings and suppressed thoughts. I have also gone through that stage when I would run to all-knowing Google searching for advice on how to survive my situation. I have searched and found comfort reading other people's blogs, knowing their stories. I thought that if they made it through, why not me? I decided then that I will make my blog a source of comfort and inspiration to others and prove to the world that after the fall, one is capable of brushing away the dirt and standing up again.

But I have set aside my blog, sadly, because I can no longer squeeze in blogging with my day job. My job for one year required me to be technical and analytical so I have to can my creative juices and keep my blogging hat on the side. What I have proven though is that you can take the blogging out of the girl but you can't keep the girl from blogging!

Now that I am on a self-imposed hiatus after the end of my contract, I am back with renewed fervor to resurrect An Ina-Tay Writes. I will still be the same Ina-Tay, only this time I am much wiser, tougher, braver.

I am Ina-Tay and this is my kingdom. I usher you in to my life and it is my hope that those of you in the same boat will somehow embrace single parenthood as a blessing and not a curse, that is if you haven't realized it yet. It certainly is not a piece of cake yet the fulfillment it brings is something money cannot buy. It is a journey many have taken and did a hell of a good job!

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