Friday, September 28, 2012

Teach me how to MAKI

Last night, I attended Tokyo Tokyo's exclusive food tasting invitation at their newest and first branch outside Luzon at SM Lanang Premier. Read my post here.

One of the highlights, aside from the eating part, was a demonstration on how to make Maki, yes, the ever-popular California Maki. Tokyo Tokyo chef Eric called for two volunteers from the group as his apprentices. Bloggers Suzette and Algene got to try first hand under the clear instructions of sensei Eric. I would have wanted to volunteer also but it meant not having the chance to take pictures. When you are a blogger picture picture is a must! So here are the shots I took with some of the instructions from last night's instant cooking class!

1. Wash your hands and wear disposable gloves. Like any other food, preparing Maki entails a lot of handling so be safe.
2. Place a sheet of Nori (made from seaweeds, available in big supermarkets) flat on a bamboo mat, shiny side down. If you don't have one, you can use any clean, flat tray but the rolling part can be a challenge.

3. Place your rice, around one bowl and cover the nori sheet pressing firmly. Leave around half an inch margin. Then turn it over so the rice covered part is now on the bottom. Squirt a line of Japanese mayo (available again in supermarkets) the place two pieces of crab sticks and strips of mango.

4. Now the rolling part. Lift the prepared Maki and slowly roll it away from you, ensure that you roll it gently and seal it tightly.

5. Sprinkle fish or shrimp roe on your Maki, the orange thing that covers the Maki. It was only last night that I found it was NOT grated carrots! hahaha Using a sharp knife dipped in water, slice the Maki in one inch thickness. One trick sensei Eric shared is to hold the knife at its base where the blade and handle meet. Doing this gives you more control.

6. Serve and enjoy!

Thank you sensei Eric for the tutorial and Tokyo Tokyo for giving us the chance to go Japanese!!!

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