Monday, October 1, 2012

Supermarket shopping with an "umph"

Grocery shopping just got a little better with the opening of the newest branch of SM Supermarket at SM Lanang Premier. The leading food retailer we, especially mommies, have come to love for its wide and fresh choices offers Davaoenos a little bit more.

The new SM Lanang Supermarket promises to give shoppers an all-new lifestyle with fresh trends and more choices with its personalized customer assistance, exciting promos, new products and sophisticated services. Last September 27, Davao Bloggers were given a special tour around the 5,000 square meter supermarket and introduced to us the services we have all been familiar with plus new innovations to make our supermarket shopping more comfortable and budget-friendly. Okay, Ina-Tay is loving you already.

Davao bloggers at the special SM Supermarket Lanang (photo courtesy of blogging couple Cris and Ace Nierva)

Allow me to give you a run-through of what to expect:
The Swipe Station - keeping track of the exciting promos and freebies for your SM Advantage Card, SM Prestigeand BDO Rewards Card is just a swipe away with their Swipe machine. Simply swipe your card and it will generate a ticket for deals you are qualified for at SM Supermarket!

Happy Hour - 60 minutes of must-catch discounts on fresh and food items which happens twice a day. The schedule is unannounced to be sure you're there when it happens.

Hydroponic veggies - hydro what? Hydroponics is a technology that grows plants without soil, just water therefore it's hydro, which in turn reduces bacterial contamination for cleaner and healthier vegetables. I noticed that this section has greens and herbs which are best consumed raw, like in salads. I asked if I can just snip a leaf or two with the herbs and he said yes, for as long as water is regularly changed. I should give this a try and challenge the gardener in me.

The Fresh Section - one of my favorite sections of the store! Here you can find the freshest meat, poultry and seafood - cut, sliced, marinated to suit your menu needs and discriminating taste buds. For busy moms, dads and singles out there, your uber-busy schedule will find a friend at SM Supermarket's ready-to-cook and ready-to-eat items. No need to labor for hours and hours in the kitchen.They also have a takal-takal section for just the right amount of ingredients at very affordable prices, truly budget-friendly.

Freshness and Safety - are the names of the game. SM Supermarket is committed to a process called cold chain - maintaining an ideal temperature for fresh items to preserve its shelf life and prevent the thriving of bacteria. Now that is something we should be comforted with. As added safety measure, the store uses "sneeze guard" glass panels that prevent items from viral and bacterial exposure as shoppers go around checking out items. They also have humidifiers for veggies and seafoods to trap moisture and prevent dehydration. For as long as I can remember, SM Supermarket pioneered the use of gloves, tongs and plastic bags in the wet market section for customers' easy handling and choosing of food items. Their personnel are also requird to wear aprons, spit guards and hair nets while on duty.

Personalized and advanced supermarket experience - need assistance while shopping? They have an army of friendly and reliable customer assistants who will attend to your needs. And my favorite part is this "press-for-help" buttons. Just press and the blue (of course, blue and yellow are their corporate colors) light goes on you have a store personnel helping you shortly. This is very convenient for mommies who have their tots in tow. You don't come to them, they come to you! That is customer service!

Bonus Value Packs - don't we all love SM Bonus? Specially bundled packs with free items that can easily save as us much as 80%!

Queu busters - hate long lines? I do, especially when I only have less than 10 items to pay for. Kiss the lines goodbye with the Queu Buster. A customer assistant will scan the item/s while your still in line so you just have to pay to the pretty cashier!

Yellow tag - cool prizes await you instantly for every Php500.00 purchase of Yellow Tag items.

So much more! - there is also the dry goods section for your other home needs such as furnitures, kitchen items and appliances. SM Supermarket also has priority lanes for the senior citizens and Prestige card holder. You can also pay your utility bills with their payment counters. And after shopping, grab a quick bite at the SM Supermarket Food Court.

Whew! I hope I did justice with this blogpost and  gave you more than enough reasons to head to SM Lanang Premier and do your supermarket shopping at the new SM Supermarket Lanang - you'll love it more!

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