Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Prodigal blogger ME

I am a prodigal blogger.

Photo: www.outblush.com
I discovered blogging back in 2006-2007 when my office mate Red told what it was and invited me to make my blog then he will host it for me. Without batting an eyelash, I listened intently to his "sales talk" and to a 26-year old career girl so eager to prove her worth, I saw blogging as a means to conquer the world, to let my thoughts be heard and to put to practical use what I learned in college. I didn't know what to call my blog, I need to have a catchy title. Something that would make people want to read whatever I write, something that would make me famous. Red suggested Drama Queen - you know, girls who sweat even the most minute things, someone who has a lot of "kadramahan" in her life. That's how Confessions of an Urban Drama Queen was born.
I enjoyed blogging for over a year, met really great bloggers and felt good to be a "blogger" and everything that comes with it. I also dated men who thought having my own blog added to my being "cool". Someone actually asked me when will I blog about him and I replied, if my memory serves me right, "Someday, when you are blog-worthy"! Blog subject wannabe became Leia's father. :)

But after I got pregnant, gave birth and struggled in my new role as an Ina-Tay, I said goodbye to Drama Queen and created a new blog - An Ina-Tay Writes. I was no longer fit to blog about the "dramas" in my life because being a single parent makes you live in reality, no matter how painful it bites. When I was pregnant, reading other people's blogs became my therapy - single moms' blogs to be more specific. Reading their stories seem to give me that push that I will make it through. On my 29th birthday, I became the blogger that is Ina-Tay.

Again, I had to stop blogging when I worked for a mining company in GenSan City. Whenever I check my FB and read the cool and fun blogger events, I would wish I were there. The demands of the job did not allow me to blog anymore. My creative juices were canned but I know deep in me, one day I will return to blogging. Just last month, my consultancy contract ended and I decided to pack my bags and go back to Davao to be with my daughter. With all the time in my hands, it was the perfect time to resurrect Ina-Tay. I promised myself I will blog until I drop.

So just last week, I got to join two blogger, by-invitation only events - SM Supermarket and Tokyo Tokyo at SM Lanang Premier. There I met old faces (well, we're all a little older right?) and new ones who welcomed me back into the community. It was amazing how people you only met for the first time can make you feel comfortable on the onset. I was not Lany, I was Ina-Tay. I've been busy with all the ideas that were screaming to make it make it to the blogosphere. My fingers are trying very hard to keep up with my thoughts and I thank all my friends who I coerced  into liking Ina-Tay's Facebook page and I'm encouraged by my stats.

This is my blogger story and how I always come back to it. To the Davao blogging community, thank you for welcoming me back again and again and again.


  1. You are an amazing writer- and a spunky single mom too! Have you considered writing an e-book?

  2. Don't stop blogging! "Quality blogs" are such a rarity these days

  3. Thank you Pepper for the encouraging words, I regularly visit you www.pepperrific.com evn during my hiatus! Love and strength to you Pep!

  4. Hahaha pwede mapressure Raine? I will try very hard not to go AWOL again. Once you blog, you can't stop sure is true! :)

  5. The blogosphere is happy to have you back, I'm sure... :)